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Grommets/ Eyelets

  • Grommets/ Eyelets

    Available in Silver / Gold / Black / Matt 

    Available in various sizes

    #22- inner ring diameter= 8mm, outer ring diameter=12mm (Stainless Steel)

    #25- inner ring diameter= 9mm, outer ring diameter=19mm (Nickel, Black, Brass)

    #28- inner ring diameter= 12mm, outer ring diameter=23mm (Nickel, Black, Brass)

    #30- inner ring diameter= 15mm, outer ring diameter=28mm (Nickel, Black, Brass)

    #32- inner ring diameter= 18mm, outer ring diameter=34mm (Brass)

    #35- inner ring diameter= 25mm, outer ring diameter=44mm (Brass)

    #40- inner ring diameter= 41mm, outer ring diameter=62mm (Nickel)

Reinforced in corner of the canvas banners for rope so that it can be hanged.

Commonly seen on curtains for pole to go through.

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